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“The best surfer is the one having the most fun”

SINCE 1989

Gary's Surf School is an established company specializing in professional surfing tuition and coaching. The school has been in existence since 1989, making it the oldest surf school in the country. The Surf School is well known by locals and is internationally renowned, with many tourists returning year after year to continue developing their surfing skills.
Gary's Surf School is located on Beach Road in sunny Muizenberg, Cape Town. Muizenberg Beach is known for its gentle sloping sandy white beach and consistent waves making it conducive to learning the art of surfing quickly and safely.
Gary himself is personally involved in some of the lessons and many young up and coming surfers are products of the school. With a solid reputation built on trust, service and results, we are the most popular surf school in South Africa! Our well-known premises is located on the beach-front at Surfer's Corner, Muizenberg, Cape Town. In fact we are the first building on the right as you come onto the beachfront. Look for Hang Ten Cafe and you are in the right spot! Remember surfing is our passion and if we can't get you surfing no-one will get you surfing!!


Beginner surfers are taught in the water at Muizenberg and more advanced classes take place at various hot spots around the peninsula. All beginners are taught on long-boards and may advance to Mini Malibu’s or short-boards once they have mastered the basic skills. Students can ride variations of boards at no extra cost.  We also have soft boards and Retro surfboards.

The school is open 7 days a week and lessons times are based on the tide. Let us know the dates you want to come for a lesson and we will tell you the best time for that day.

The minimum age to attend surf classes is 4 years old. The eldest student to attend and master the challenge successfully was 71 years old.

Booking is recommended – at least a day in advance! All students are required to bring their own bathing costumes, towels, sun block, spare contact lenses if necessary and LOTS OF SURFING ATTITUDE and WE WILL PUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACE!

Free Locker and Changing Room facilities are available to all our customers.

Lesson Options:

  • 1 Hour Group Lesson all inclusive – R500(instructor, surfboard & wetsuit)
  • 1 Hour Private lesson with your own instructor - R700
  • 2 Hour Group all inclusive(instructor for 1 hour) – R650
  • 2 Hour Private lesson with your own instructor – R850

We ONLY teach surfing on the Low Tide.  The reason for this is when the water comes in and it’s High Tide it becomes too deep in the front and the waves are too close together.  There are also safety issues on the High Tide. We want everyone to have a pleasant and enjoyable time! Please contact us the day before you would like to take the lesson to find out what times we are doing them.

There are special rates for Groups with more than 10 people i.e. Birthday Parties and Corporate Events/Team Building.  Please email us for a quotation.

Deposits are required in this instance with a 30% upfront payment for the group and should there be a cancellation this will be non-refundable.


Equipment rental on site!

Surfing equipment is available for rental at the school. There are over 60 boards ranging from 11’2 longboards to 5’6 shortboards for you to choose from. Wetsuits are available in sizes Junior 0 to Adult XXL. Rash vests, leashes, and boogie boards are also on hand for rental or purchase. An I.D or drivers license is required for all rentals from the shop. You have 10 minutes leeway then you will be charged for the next hour. Any damages to equipment during lessons or renting will be charged accordingly. We have locker room facilities monitored by CCTV surveillance where you are able to leave your bags, etc. whilst in the water.

Wetsuit Rentals

  • R80 per 1.5 hour rental
  • R300 per day rental
  • R200 per day for 7+ days rental

Surfboard Rentals

  • R80 per 1.5 hour rental
  • R300 per day rental
  • R200 per day for 7+ days rental
  • Bodyboard R50 per hour


  • Booties
  • Leashes
  • Boogie-Board fins/flippers
  • 1 Hour   – R20
  • Half Day – R40
  • Full Day – R80


Our focus is to keep the Stoke of Surfing without breaking the bank!

We have a small range of value for money Surfboards and Wetsuits,

and we guarantee to buy back any boards or suits bought from us should

you be looking at getting other equipment down the line.

However, we have a big turn over of Second hand surfboards and wetsuits and lots of “free advice”.




For Sandboard Lessons
Contact the shop: (021) 788 9839  or /

Making a reservation is essential (latest 2 days before the day)!

The fee is R350.00 per person, for a morning.
(R250.00 per person for groups of 10+)

Please pay in cash! We will also accept the USD, GBP and the EURO.

You can meet here at our Surf School in Muizenberg or we can meet you on location for the lesson at the Fish Hoek Sports Club. Please do not hesitate to call for detailed directions.

What to Bring:

  • Sunblock
  • A brimmed cap or hat
  • Water



Cape Town


The perfect wave to start surfing and learning on. It’s a beach break with no rocks to worry about.

The ideal wind is a North Easterly which is offshore meaning the wind blows off the land flattening the

surface of the sea and making the waves smooth for riding. It also works well on a North Westerly wind.

This wave is popular with Longboarders, but can also be ridden by Shortboarders when bigger.



This wave breaks over a reef and is not for beginners. Bodyboarders and Shortboarders that know what they are doing are able to surf this wave.

The best wind for this spot is a North Westerly wind which will make it offshore, but can also be surfed in a South Westerly/Westerly wind if the wind is not too strong.



This is a reef breaking wave and is only to be surfed by intermediate Shortboarders and Bodyboarders.

The locals are not going to openly give you waves and you will have to wait your turn in the line up

before you can grab a wave. Respect the locals and you won’t have any problems.

The best wind for this spot is a North Westerly wind which will make it offshore, but can also be surfed in a South Westerly/Westerly wind if the wind is not too strong.

kalkBay Shootout 2012 Surfing Contest


There are 3 places to surf at this beach. The rocks run out along the left side of the beach forming what is known as a point break. This can only be surfed by intermediate surfers.

You will have to battle the seaweed forest when paddling into the wave. The sand bank is in front also towards the left side of the beach, which creates a hollow wave on good days to get barreled on. The 3rd place is right in front of the car park and is named Battleships. The wave breaks in front of the rocks and runs right towards the beach. Scarborough can only really be surfed by intermediate surfers. The perfect wind for this spot is a South Easterly wind. It is also prone to rip currents so you will have to keep your eye on the beach where you got in the water to stay where you went out.



This is a small rocky beach which is only to be surfed by intermediate surfers. There is a sand bank on the left side of the beach, a small reef in the middle and a right breaking wave in front of the rocks on the right side of the beach. When paddling out one needs to be careful of the rocks and you need to time it right so you don’t get washed back on the rocks. A North Westerly is best for this spot which makes it offshore.

misty clifs2


This surf spot is mostly a beach break. There are rocks on the left side of the beach where guys surf that you have to keep your eyes on, and one or two larger rocks in front that are sometimes submersed under water on the high tide. You can spot them from above on the road and can see where to avoid them. The rest of the beach is sandy and on the right side of the beach there is a sand bank called Barclays Bank. The sand banks do shift around and they have to be really good for the wave to run nicely and even be hollow sometimes.

This spot to be surfed by intermediate surfers and one also has to be careful of a rip current that runs right down the length of the beach. It is not always there but one needs to watch it from the road to see if it is strong or not. This spot is offshore with a North Westerly wind.



This is a big wave surf spot and can be accessed from paddling out from the Crayfish factory at Witsands.

It can be surfed from 8 foot – 25 foot and only a few guys who know what they are doing surf it on the big days. It breaks in front of the outer rocks and runs right.

This spot also works on a North Westerly wind.

crayfish factory


This spot gets its name due to the fact that it pretty much breaks 365 days a year. This surf spot is accessible in the Soetwater National Park, which one has to pay to gain entrance to. At the crossroads by Witsands one takes a left down the road which leads to the entrance of the park. This wave breaks far out and one needs to be relatively fit to paddle up to 10 minutes to reach it. Definitely for the surfers who know what they are doing. This wave breaks right, on a reef, and gets big at times.

Best wind for this spot is a South Westerly wind.



Welcome to the town of Kommetjie. A town which lives for the sea and water sports.

Outer Kom is a point break wave which runs right down the rocky point. This spot is renowned for its big waves. Only to be surfed by the surfer who is confident on bigger waves. This is quite a heavy wave on the take off. This wave runs all the way to the inside and this spot is named (Inner Kom)…

outer kom


This wave is smaller than on the outside at Outer Kom and runs right down the rocky point.

It is popular with local kids and also Longbaorders. There is no sand at this spot, only rocks and lots of seaweed.

The correct wind for clean offshore conditions is a South Easterly wind.

inner kom


This surf spot is also found in the town of Kommetjie. There are 3 places one can surf here – the left breaking wave breaks in front of the rocks which is named Pebbles and runs towards the beach. The peak breaks in front of the beach and mostly runs right but also runs left on certain days. Then there is Krons which is further down the beach and breaks on a sand bar creating a hollow wave which can be surfed on the high tide and is fun for Bodyboarders and Shortboarders. Long beach is not fit for beginners, only intermediate surfers. It is a very popular surf spot and does get crowded resulting at times in heated tempers and choice words spoken.

The best wind for offshore conditions is a South Westerly wind but does also work on a South Easterly wind, but then is slightly cross shore.

long beach


This surf spot is around the corner from Long beach and is found on a beautiful stretch of white sandy beach which takes up to half an hour to walk down. This wave breaks on sand and runs both left and right, and when bigger it gets really hollow and is great for getting barreled in. It can hold up to 10 foot, but is difficult to paddle out to the back line. Not for the inexperienced surfer.

The wind blows offshore here with a South Easterly wind and does not work well on any other wind.



The Hoek is found right in the corner of Noordhoek beach and is not visible from the car park – one has to walk around an outcrop of rocks to be able to view it. This wave breaks right in a very small beach and is popular in Summer time with Bodyboarders and Shortbaorders for its hollow wave which one can get barreled in. It is not a very long running wave and needs to be caught on the far right by the rocks to be able to surf it correctly.

This surf spot also works on a South Easterly wind which prevails in Summer time.

the hoek


This is a big wave surf spot and is only accessible by boat.

The wave breaks right and is very heavily felt if it closes out on you and will hold you under water for a long period of time before releasing you up for air. Only to be surfed by the seasoned surfer who knows what he is doing in BIG surf.

This spot is offshore on a North Westerly wind.



This is a beach break and on the right side of the beach the wave runs almost like a wedge type of wave when the surf is bigger. It is a heavy beach break and only intermediate surfers should attempt to surf here.

The best wind for offshore conditions is a South Easterly wind. When the wind is very strong this spot is nicely sheltered from it.






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Gary’s Surf School has plenty of accommodation available for local and international travellers. Please have a look at the accommodation listed below. Should this accommodation not be suitable please contact us and we’ll make every effort to help find whatever meets your needs.

Stoked Backpackers- New affordable youth hostel accommodation. Multiple room options and free wifi. Contact – Tel: +27 (0)21 709 0841. E-mail: Website:

Bluebottle Guesthouse- Luxurious suites located on the slopes of Muizenberg mountain, halfway between Table Mountain and Cape Point.  Contact – Tel: +27 (0)21 788 6100. E-mail: Website:

Chartfield Guest HouseCharming beautiful rooms in Kalk Bay with seaside views. Contact – Tel: +27 (0)21 788 3793. E-mail: Website:


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My son's enjoyed the experience fully...and the staff are great....easy teaching style has you surfing in no time.

My kids thoroughly enjoyed the experience from my 8 year old daughter to my sons 14 and 16. The surf instructors gave personal attention to each one of them. We will most definitely recommend Gary's to anyone going to Muizenberg.


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